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The center for Irish culture and education in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's Center for Irish Culture and Education

Irish Centre of Pittsburgh Membership Dues 2018


Halloween Feis Program 2018.pdf

Pittsburgh Halloween Feis - Registration closed

Adjudicators Pittsburgh Halloween Feis

Wear your Halloween Costume

Cap Set 200 Champ and 460 Grades

Irish Language/Music Comps Friday 6:30 pm

Figures Saturday following all solo comps - no late fees for figures

2018 Halloween Feis Stages

Halloween Feis Competitor List 2018

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Pittsburgh Fall Feis - Registration closed

Cap Set 200 Champ and 460 Grades

Champion Dancers have reached cap

All Dancers will be able to register late (with late fees) at the feis including Champion Dancers

Day-of-Feis Registration fees must all be paid in cash (ONLY)

$50 late fee per dancer plus Family Fee and Dance Fees

Adjudicators Pittsburgh Fall Feis

Wear your Halloween Costume

Cap Set 200 Champ and 460 Grades

Ceili's Sunday Afternoon - No late fee for Ceili's

Pittsburgh Fall Feis Competitor List 2018

Fall Feis 2018 Stages



Pittsburgh Winter Feis - Open for Registration

Red and White Feis

Book Hotel

Pittsburgh Winter Feis Adjudicators


The Irish Centre Seisiún

Thursday 16 August, 2018

7pm - 9pm

Free Open Tunes Session for anyone who plays Irish Traditional Music.

Irish Traditional Music Sessions are mostly gatherings at which people play Irish traditional music. 

The Irish language word for "session" is seisiún








Classes in the Irish Language

Minced Gaelic

"Minced Gaelic - 101 Original Fiddle Tunes"