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The center for Irish culture and education in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh's Center for Irish Culture and Education

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Minced Gaelic

"Minced Gaelic - 101 Original Fiddle Tunes"

Martin McHugh Scholarship

West Virginia Feis Registration Closed March 4 at midnight

Day of Feis Registration is available - $50 late fee per dancer and all fees in cash ONLY

Friday - Music and Irish Language Competitions 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Saturday - Grade Level (Beginner, Adv Beg, Novice, Open/Prizewinner) 8am

Sunday - Championship Level (PC/OC) 8am

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Feis Mass

West Virginia Feis - Adjudicators

West Virginia Feis Stages

WV Feis Competitor List

Program West Virginia Feis  2018.pdf

Dress Vest Room Form .pdf


Tessie Burke Feisanna Open for Registration

Book Your Hotel for Tessie Burke Feisanna

Tessie Burke  Feis - Adjudicators



The Irish Centre Seisiún

Free Open Tunes Session for anyone who plays Irish Traditional Music.

Irish Traditional Music Sessions are mostly gatherings at which people play Irish traditional music. 

The Irish language word for "session" is seisiún

Friday March 23, 2018 @7:00 pm

at the Hyatt Hotel Pittsburgh Airport


Classes in the Irish Language