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Day-of-Feis registration is available
$50 late fee and cost of competitions payable in cash (ONLY). There is no limit on Day-of-Feis registrants who provide correct fees in cash.

The Pittsburgh Winter Feis is celebrating Wren's Day!

In Ireland, the Day after Christmas the Irish celebrate St Stephens Day, or
Wren Day.  In Dingle there is a large parade.  Starting at noon and going on
until the early hours of the following day, The Wran is a blaze of color and a lot of noise, thanks not only to the accompanying musicians' fife and drums, but to the collection boxes the Wran Boys shake.

The Pittsburgh Winter Feis will be celebrating Wren's Day with a blaze of color.  Dancers are encouraged to create a colorful assortment of clothes to wear while competing at the feis.

Dancers can be as traditional or untraditional as they like in our celebration of the Wren.  You can wear the traditional straw masks or hats or even blackened faces that the wren boys wore, or the festive colors of the parade goes that can be found in Dingle even today.

Have fun creating your festive costume and come celebrate Wren's Day on both Saturday and Sunday at the Pittsburgh Winter Feis!


Instrumental Music and Singing Rules

Bread Judging Form


Pittsburgh Winter Feis 2015

NOW Open for registration!!!

PC/OC on Saturday December 26th

- Noon start time
- Youngest to Oldest PC and OC

Grade level dances on Sunday December 27th

- 8 am start time

Registration closes November 26th

Grades Exams Rules

Please mail your info (Name, DOB, Dance School, Exams you would like to take, Day (Friday or Saturday night), Cell phone Number you can be reached at on the day of the exam, address, email), with your check for the fees to Mailing Address.  Checks should be made payable to "Irish centre of Pittsburgh"


Mid America Feis Syllabus 2015.docx