Soda Bread Judging Sheet

Baking Contest


Entry #                                    



(scoring: 1 = poor, 3 = fair/average, 5 = excellent)


External Characteristics:


Round Shape:        pts


Cross Present:        pts


Cross Depth (approx 1/3)              pts


Baking Characteristics:


Evenly Browned:  _           pts


Hollow sound when tapped on the bottom:      pts


Handling Characteristics:


Breaks Easily:         pts


Slices Easily:          pts


Internal Characteristics:


Bread Texture;        pts




Includes slight soda taste:                                   pts

Point Total, Characteristics:               pts

Traditional Requirements:

Any ingredient other than salt, flour, baking soda, buttermilk

or sour milk and butter, -3 pts                          


Sweet taste, -3 pts


Cake-like crumb or texture -3 pts                      


Final score:

(Characteristic score minus deductions)          pts