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Dance Dresses Not Required for Celtic Fling Feis - due to weather

All dancers including Champions may wear shorts, or skirt and blouse to the Celtic Fling Feis.

Dance dresses are not required.

Wigs are optional.

Dance shoes are required.

Please note; No dance school or dancer info may be worn on any clothing for competition.

No awards may be worn or displayed or indicated on any apparel for competition.

For shirts; Collarbone must be covered (no scoop neck).

No haltarback.

No belly shirts.

No sleeveless shirts.

Shoulders should be covered.

Long sleeves are not required.

Make-up is still prohibited for beginners and adv beginners up to and including U12.

Dance dresses may still be worn.

Boys may also wear shorts.

Kilts may be worn.


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