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Grade Exams

 Pittsburgh Feis September 2019

Amie White 1 Friday
Meredith Lindsay 1,2 Friday
Amelia Lucas 1,2  Friday
Melissa Barton 1,2,3 Friday
Anna Gabrielle Mitterer 1,2,3 Friday
Nora King 4,5 Friday
Brenna Kummer 4,5,6 Friday
Kayleigh Canavan 7,8,9 Friday
Grace Murray Reif 7,8 Friday
Erin Hogan 8,9,10 Friday
Saturday September 21, 2019 Exams
Ardin Fehlinger 1,2,3 Saturday
Jordan Sugg 4,5 Saturday
Maeve Willis 4,5,6 Saturday
Beatrice Duffus 4,5,6 Saturday
Carlin Sabo 4 Saturday
Anna Bumiller 6,7,8 Saturday
Fiona Grace O'Rorke 6,7,8 Saturday
Morgan Sugg 7,8 Saturday
Sara McCaughley 8,9 Saturday
Sheila Clark 9 Saturday


Irish Centre of Pittsburgh