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The Pittsburgh Winter Feis (2 Day Feis) - Registration Closed

Friday December 29 and Saturday December 30, 2017

PC/OC - Championship Level Dancers Friday beginning at 10:00 am

Instrumental and Irish Language Competitions Friday at 6:10pm

NEW! Teachers Original Choreography Benefit Competition Friday 6:00pm.  This is the same competition that will soon be available at the Belt Competitions. 

All other comps Saturday beginning at 8:00 am

Red and White Feis - wear your red and white or traditional costumes for competitions

Adjudicators Pittsburgh Winter Feis

Book Your Hotel

Day of Feis Registration is available

$50 late fee per dancer and all fees (late/family/dance fees) in cash (ONLY)

All dancers providing correct fees in cash will be able to register at the feis



NEW - Teachers Original Choreography Competition - Friday at 6pm

5-12 hand figure to any music (including modern music)

Bring your own music for this competition

Any costumes allowed (appropriate please)

Cost $10 per dancer (cash ONLY) - pay at the feis

All Proceeds to Benefit the Salvation Army

questions email



Pittsburgh Winter Feis 2017 Stages

Pittsburgh Winter Feis 2017 Competitor List

Pittsburgh Winter Feis Grade Exams List 2017

Program Book Winter Feis


Grade Exams 1-9 at Pittsburgh Winter Feis - Kerry Kelly Oster Judging

Thursday or Friday at 6:00 pm

Grades Exams Rules

Please mail your info (Name, DOB, Dance School, Exams you would like to take, Day (Thursday or Friday night), Cell phone Number you can be reached at on the day of the exam, address, email), with your check for the fees to Mailing Address.  Checks should be made payable to "Irish centre of Pittsburgh"


North American Feis Music Speeds Beginning January 2017

Mid America Syllabus 2017

There are no separate Boys competitions offered for the  Pittsburgh Feisanna

as per the New standard Mid-America syllabus. 




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