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The Arrival of Christianity and the Role of

Saint Patrick

Online: Thursdays 7:30 - 9pm, September 10, 17, 24, Oct 1

For over 10,000 years the ancient peoples of Ireland celebrated their polytheistic pagan religion. The adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire led to a rapid spread of the Universal (Catholic) Church of Rome throughout the territories of the Empire. Ireland was never part of the Roman Empire. Why and how did Ireland become a Christian country?


Saint Patrick is probably the most famous person associated with Ireland. He is recognized as having played a major role in the Christianization of Ireland. Patrick was not Irish.


He was kidnapped in Britain by Irish slave traders and taken to Ireland as a slave at age sixteen. He escaped after six years. He returned as a bishop in his forties and spent twenty five years ministering to some of the Christian community in Ireland - mostly foreign slaves, asylum seekers, and refugees - and helped to convert some indigenous Irish.

This course will examine the historical context of his mission in Ireland. This includes a review of a) early Irish society; b) early Christianity in Britain and Ireland; c) the crises in Europe as the Roman Empire collapsed, and d) how these events impacted Ireland in the fourth and fifth centuries.

The class will review the work carried out by Saint Patrick in Ireland. A special part of the class will be an examination of his writings.

To enroll contact the course presenter Sean Murphy directly by email to You may also call 508-790-0438. The enrollment fee is $80. Help is available free from Sean if you need assistance to set up Zoom on your device.




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