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The Irish Center of Pittsburg is linking up with Irish historian, Sean Murphy, to introduce our members to live online weekly Irish history courses that will begin in September. The courses will be presented using Zoom. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, no problem. Sean will contact you directly and assist you to get connected.

He presents two courses. The first is a chronological general history of Ireland from ancient times to the present day. Every major event is covered. The course is divided into four week modules. Students can enroll on a rolling basis for those parts of Irish history they are most interested in or have the time to participate in. The events that will be covered in 2020 are: The Arrival of Christianity and the Role of Saint Patrick, The Island of Saints and Scholars, The Viking Invasions, and The Norman Conquest.

The second course is a general history of each of the thirty two counties in Ireland. This covers the major events from ancient times to the present day. A profile of the major clans and of the most famous individuals from the county will be featured. Segments will also focus on historic sites, the origin of the county name, picturesque landscapes, and the music and dance associated with that county. This course will be particularly useful to those interested in their Irish heritage, seeking to understand their ancestral home, and the reasons their ancestors left. The county featured in the September course is Tipperary. The remainder of 2020 will cover the counties of Armagh, Meath, and Mayo.

The courses will be presented on Zoom using PowerPoint. Each student will receive an electronic copy of each presentation. The classes are one and a half hour long to allow adequate time for questions and answers.

To contact Sean directly for information or to enroll in his course(s) send an email to




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